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Phillip SlaterHi, my name is Phillip Slater and I am the Founder of
One thing that I have learned in my career is that spare parts inventory management and optimization brings together the diverse disciplines of maintenance management, inventory management, storeroom management, supply chain, procurement and logistics. This adds layers of complexity that aren’t found with other inventory types.

Therefore, developing the know-how to manage this type of inventory requires specialist training and development not available with generic inventory training programs. That’s why most companies spend more than they should on spare parts, yet experience downtime losses because the right parts are not available.

My vision with has always been to specifically provide you with all of the resources you need to develop your skills, and those of your team, so that you can reduce your working capital and increase your spare parts availability. In short, to develop a spare parts inventory management capability that you can rely upon.

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Train Your Team Without Travel Costs provides everything that you need to develop skills and know-how in spare parts inventory management at a personal, team and management level. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual that just wants to ‘do better’ or you are running a program covering a hundred sites worldwide, 24/7 online access means that you need not ever again pay travel expenses for training. provides you with:

  • Online training courses
  • An extensive set of ‘How to’ videos
  • Online quizzes to test your know-how and track your progress
  • Templates and samples for a wide range of spare parts management policies
  • A stock level calculator
  • Storage guidelines
  • A ‘Best Practice Self-assessment Tool’ that helps you to work out where you need to start
  • And literally hundreds of articles and other resources

Click here to watch a video explaining the site content. should be the central plank for every spare parts inventory management or optimization initiative.


Learn to Manage Your Spare Parts Like a Leader

Because I provide three levels of subscription I can help you learn how to manage your spare parts like a leader, no matter where you are now in our ‘Stages of Excellence’ (see the video at the top of the page).

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    • Inventory optimization
    • Inventory management
    • Policy development
    • KPIs, metrics and reporting
    • Storeroom management
    • Continuous improvement
    • Project management

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Plus, if you have a team, ask my team about our special pricing for company premium subscriptions.

3. Leadership – This level is designed for the people who are leading initiatives in spare parts management at their companies or who aspire to be leaders in this area. Click here for more information on a Leadership Subscription.

Best Practice Spare Parts Inventory Management Testimonial

Best Practice Spare Parts Inventory Management Testimonial

Best Practice Spare Parts Inventory Management Testimonial

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SPKH SOE is designed for everyone that is involved in spare parts management: maintenance, inventory management, storeroom management  supply chain, procurement, and logistics.

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